Chapter 1: The Cottage

Deleted chapter from the The Dragon's Prophecy

The following is a deleted scene from the first draft of The Dragon's Prophecy. I decided to scrap it because, at the time, I felt that it took away from the central characters. It was supposed to be an introduction to the current timeline, but I later decided that the characters would be introduction enough. Moreover, upon reading it again recently, I have to admit that it was a terrible attempt at exposition.

This chapter takes place right after the prologue. It is the opening sub-chapter of chapter 1, in Samanthya's point of view.


I don’t believe in fate. Though my gift would prove otherwise, I believe that our lives are governed by the choices we make. The choices that led us to the cottage, however, most certainly seemed preordained. The gods have a terrible sense of humor.

The child that I rescued so long ago was joined by three other little women. They each come from pasts that in ordinary times would break even the strongest of men. Yet, they are whole, they are warm, and they are precious. They are young still and have much to learn. In the meantime, they do so love to cause mischief.

Our story begins in a small cottage, located deep in the heart of what is known as the Dragon Forest. It is a place that most no longer visit. Some say that the spirits of the great dragons that once roamed the mainland haunt the forest. Others say that the evil of Za’aras’ army lingers from her raid as she tore through the forest on her way to the Northern Kingdoms. That is why no traveling being, man or fae, dare venture into the forest and often steer clear from it. A perfect occurrence since it suits our purpose just fine.

I am unsure of when the cottage was created or by whom, only that when Brokk and I came across it, it was very old, transcending perhaps centuries. It was quite a dreadful place to live in at first. I could not remember ever feeling more miserable. It was later, after the four girls came together, that a warm, homey feeling slowly settled into that small cottage. At first, I thought it was another clever manipulation of the gods. In time, however, I came to realize that it was not the gods’ doing, but of the little women. They had a way of transforming even the most mundane of tasks into an adventure.

They have touched the very core of my heart and have transformed me into a person I never imagined I would become. They have even changed Brokk, a man that not too long ago was a slave to the hard drink at the local tavern.

They have changed us, in more ways than we can realize. But that is their purpose. It is the reason they have come into being and the reason their story takes precedence over my own, or even Brokk’s.

Their journey will begin soon. And when it does, they will change the world.