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Main Characters


Born on the second month of winter in the flying lands of Asilia, Faeolyn is the Element of Air, and she is the quintessential embodiment of the angelic race, with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as blue as the cerulean sky. But do not be deceived by her celestial appearance; she has a tongue sharper than a dragon's scale and an unnatural love for mischief. And now, with her newfound power to weild the element of air, she must bring balance to the world of Earthia. And kick some daemon butt while she's at it.


Born on the second month of autumn in the misty forest of Elvanna, Evelyn is the Element of Earth. She is the first royal halfling with a dryan mother and an elven father. It was the first time in the history of Earthia that the elves openly accepted a dryan queen. Thus, Evelyn was born during a time of great change.

Lover of all things natural, especially trees, Evelyn will continue to change the world in her quiet, intelligent, and caring manner, one battle at a time.


Born on the third month of summer in the exotic lands of Azi'lyth, the drakonian homeland, Az'ria is the Element of Fire and she is as fiery as she looks. And just as dangerous, often times using her fangs and claws, quite liberally, to express her discontent. With bright orange hair and eyes like fire, Az'ria is the epitome of the very element she wields. A bit shy and antisocial, Az'ria will need to break out of her shell if she is to fulfill her purpose as the Element of Fire to bring balance to the world of Earthia. And she'll be damned if she lets that conceited, know-it-all angel, Faeolyn, beat her to it!


Born on the first month of spring, Nadyanelle is the Element of Water and the first of her kind. She is a halfling with a human mother and a merman as a father. While halflings are not rare, a human/mermaid halfling certainly is. The merpeople are extremely exclusive and very aggressive. They secluded themselves from the rest of the races centuries ago. But somehow sweet, compassionate, and loving Nadyanelle was born.

She loves to weave flowers, hum her made-up melodies, and swim with the little water sprites. But don't let her adorable features and adorable personality fool you; she has mastered her power over the element of water and is not afraid to use it, especially to protect her friends and family.


Born on the third month of winter in a bustling village in Brynmor, Samanthya is the first Seeress to come into existence neary one hundred years after the last human Seerer. Dragons were the original Seerers, and though the gift was extended to memebers of other races, more often than not they were not well received by their kinsmen. Samanthya was no exception.

Samanthya loves her family and will go through hell and back for them. And given that she was handpicked by the gods themselves, she has the will of the gods at her fingertips.

Bratomyr (Brokk)

Born on the first month of summer, Brokk is the first of his race to achieve rank of Knight Captain at the age of 20. He is actualy a gifted swordsman and a very fast learner. During his training in the Halcyon Palace, he excelled both in his academic lessons and combat training. He even managed to impress Grandmaster Ayerzana, a well known diffiult feat.

A seasoned and hardened warrior, Brokk is determined to protect Samanthya and the four chosen Elements, with his life if need be. Wickedly skilled with the sword, he is a force to be reckoned with.

The Spriggans


Thaddeaus was born on the second month of autumn to an angelic father and a human mother. Unfortunately, Thaddeaus never met his father; he died before Thaddeaus could remember him. Thaddeaus remembers his mother well, however. She was one of the original founders of Haven. Before her untimely death, she entrusted the survival of Haven to Thaddeaus, trusting him at the young age of eight to follow her instructions.

As a result, Thaddeaus takes all of his responsibilities very seriously. Perhaps because of this he was the perfect fae to lead the Spriggans.

Quiet, thoughtful, and incorruptible, Thaddeaus leads the young men that are the Spriggans, the protectors of Haven and guardians of the Elements, with a steely resolve and a heart of gold.